Startline Sports Massage in Broads Green, West Wiltshire

Startline Sports Massage

Thousands of athletes throughout the world use sports massage as part of their training and competition routine.

Startline Sports Massage specialises in soft tissue therapy – a deep tissue massage therapy designed to relieve stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Soft tissue therapy can provide an effective treatment or rehabilitation programme for sports related injuries and general muscular discomfort caused by every day activities.

‘Sports massage increases your body’s flexibility and range of movement, contributes to better fitness levels – and makes you feel good!’

Startline therapist, Sara Fogg, has been a competitive sports woman all her life and has many years experience advising and training sportsmen and women in fitness, weight loss, competition management and focus.

‘My experience in a wide variety of different sporting disciplines enables me to offer treatments exactly tailored to your needs.’

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