Startline Sports Massage in Broads Green, West Wiltshire

Sara Fogg - Startline Sports MassageSara Fogg

Startline Sports Massage is owned and run by Sara Fogg, who is not only a qualified sports therapist but also an experienced competitor.

“My experience as a competitive athlete allows me to understand what drives sportsmen and women, what they want to achieve and also the strains, stresses and injuries that they are susceptible to.”

Sara has competed in sporting disciplines as diverse as long distance running, horse riding and motorsport and has many years experience advising and training sportsmen and women in fitness, weight loss, competition management and focus.

“I believe that to understand the sport is to understand the person.”

Over the last 12 months Sara has worked with athletes of all ages, walks of life and disciplines including a racing team formed entirely of injured servicemen, semi-pro and amateur football clubs, racing drivers from The Ferrari club of Great Britain and the Historic Formula 2000 Association, running clubs and equestrian riders.

“Being successful in athletics and keeping fit has made me realise how vulnerable we all are to injury – and how prevention is always the best cure!”

Motorsport with Startline Sports MassageAthletics with Startline Sports MassageEquestrian with Startline Sports Massage