Startline Sports Massage in Broads Green, West Wiltshire

Sara at the ageUK 10km Run at Tatton ParkStartline therapist, Sara Fogg, has been actively involved in sport from a very young age.

‘Physical activity is of value to all the body tissues provided it is performed correctly, but experience shows that where there is sport, there will be injury.’

Sara has competed in athletic disciplines as varied as 100m sprinting, ladies hurdling, high jump, long distance running (10k and half marathons), and provides a mobile sports therapy service at many national athletics events.

‘Used as part of your training regime, sports massage can help to achieve optimum performance by enabling injury-free training and minimising post-event injuries.’

Any muscle can cramp, tear, bruise and ache. Sports massage soft tissue techniques are effective in the management of both acute and chronic injuries and can help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissue during physical activity.

‘If we give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too much, not too little, we would have found the safest way to health.” Hippocrates 460-377BC

Startline Sports Massage for Athletes

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