Startline Sports Massage in Broads Green, West Wiltshire

Startline Sports Massage for EquestriansStartline therapist, Sara Fogg, has ridden competitively all her life and trained to manage and train 5-star trials horses at a top international competition yard.

‘Over 35 years of in-depth knowledge in all aspects of equestrianism, including the mind set of both horse and rider, helps me understand the many strains and injuries suffered by both in high level competition.’

Sara has also trained horses for hunting, dressage (to prix St George), team chasing, point-to-point racing and showing and has many years experience advising competitive riders in fitness, weight loss, competition management and focus.

‘Riders lavish care on their horses but often overlook their own wellbeing. Competitive riding is a team effort requiring the combined fitness of both horse and rider’.

Startline Sports Massage for Equestrians

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