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I managed to get out 3 days this week which is ideal to start training as tired muscles only become sore injured muscles. Muscles need a recovery period to function efficiently. 1st run 30 mins leading up to 45 mins on run 3.

I live and train in a very hilly area so as I have had knee injuries in the past I choose NOT to run down hills that are steep and have been especially aware of keeping my posture aligned….in other words “eyes up”, looking down puts all your weight forward- therefore increasing pressure on the knee joint, also the runners habit of trogging out for miles is something I have knocked on the head adopting the “walk fast- run-quick” method in timed intervals. This type of training is less strenuous on the knee joint due to the angle that the foot strikes the ground when running faster.

All sounds good so far………now I am sound and feeling great but after my first run I was slightly distressed that I couldn’t sprint up the hill from our farm and when I got back I did feel a little flabby….ummm, to be truthful getting back into training is hard work more mentally than physically, I am a lazy athlete as I do a physical job and HATE training, always being able to just go out and do it quite well can be a big hindrance as you never achieve your full potential and yes I am guilty of bragging that I was pleased with my time because I hadn’t even bothered to train……stupid  silly person!!!!! , those days are over Sara Fogg!!! Being 46 is a kick up the backside to say you cannot do that anymore or there will be no more nice medals….just sore legs and disappointment. What I am saying is just because I could do it well then means I have to be more diligent with my preparation now, but not obsessively running miles, concentrate on diet, correct and achievable aims that don’t leave me injured. Good effective techniques, balancing running with other sports so I do not develop muscle imbalance and worse still keeping my competitive head under control and enjoying my races instead of killing myself trying to achieve faster times.

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