Startline Sports Massage in Broads Green, West Wiltshire

SAT 16th TO SUN 17th AUG 2014

The next priority after confirming our 2 team entries months before the race was to make sure Sara was available.

A couple of years ago we struggled through 12hr and 24hr races.  This was before we met Sara.  We no longer enter any long endurance race without having her there to provide her expert support.

Sara first joined us for our 24hr Le Mans kart race in 2013, then every 12hr and 24hr race after that.

She gets each driver warmed up before they start their 90 to 100min stints and then takes the driver that just finished his stint away.  She makes sure they warm down, stretch correctly, rehydrate, eat and then she gets to work on them on her therapy table.

Drivers need to rest and re-fuel their bodies in between their long stints on track, so after Sara’s session, they are totally “un-coiled springs” that just want to sleep.

And when it’s time for that driver to get ready, the cycle starts again with warm up’s and getting the drivers ready to race at the best of their ability again.

We’ve had all sorts of injuries from incidents – sprained wrists, pulled muscles, sore ribs, blistered hands, bruising and so on.  A build-up of these normally small injuries has lead to some drivers having to retire from races, but not if Sara’s allowed to do her job.

We can’t recommend Sara Fogg enough.  Apart from her expertise in sports massage therapy and nutrition, she also brings with her an abundance of positive energy and always happy to help with whatever tasks are thrown at her.

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